I am 33 years old, married and live in Manhattan, NY.

Born and raised in Israel.

The tastes of the world have always been my inspiration in life:

what makes people happy around the table, how family dinners look like in different cities,

and how every bite can take you to another world.

When I started cooking 15 years ago,

I wanted to give my friends and family different experiences every Friday,

and I was excited when they were.

Since then, I have worked in several restaurants, catering companies, was a private chef for families and had my own company for boutique events.

I can say that I probably like to see the eyes and the bites of the people that I feed.

This is why I was drawn more to family dinners and smaller events.

This is what I am also doing today.

I am also a food photographer. I love to document food and culinary culture. The aesthetics of food attracts me to capture moments and colors around the world.

The distance from home and the memories have increased inside me the need to preserve and teach the knowledge to make Israeli and congregation Jewish cooking from from Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Russia, and of course, Israel and the Middle East.

Come join me on a journey to experience the scents and flavors.

Come and experience Soul-To-Table.

About Me 

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